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Who can I contact for help?
If you have any questions or problems related to the SWRM Bike, please contact our helpline on +48 94 712 88 88

1. What to do to ride a SWRM bike?
- fill in the registration form in the REGISTRATION tab
- check your e-mail and click the activation link received in the e-mail (check also the SPAM folder - there may sometimes be our e-mails)
- top up your account in the system with at least PLN 19 (initial payment) If you want to ride a bike longer without fear that you will run out of funds for subsequent loans, top up the account with PLN 12-15
- download the SWRM app from Google Play or the App Store
- go to the nearest SWRM station

2. What is the minimum required amount to rent a bike?
The minimum amount on the User's account is PLN 10. If the balance is lower - it will not be possible to rent a bike. We suggest keeping the account a balance of about PLN 12 - 15 so that you can use your bike even if you are on longer journeys without  worry about having to top-up your account frequently

3. What is the phone number and PIN for, and login and password for?
The telephone number and PIN are used to rent a bike in the station and log in to the mobile application
Login and password are used to log in to the user account on the internet site

4. What does the 6-digit bike number mean?
The number of each SWRM consists of 6 digits - eg 011111
01 is the Szczecinek prefix
011111 is an example of a bike number that must be entered using the keyboard

5. Is it possible to register without access to the Internet?
Registration in the system and topping up the account at the SWRM cash register is possible at the headquarters of Miejski Transport in Szczecinek at ul. Cieślak 4

6. How many SWRM stations are located in Szczecinek?
There are 22 stations in Szczecinek located at the KM stops. You can see individual locations on the map on the home page or in the mobile application

7. When can I use the SWRM bike?
SWRM Bikes are available 24 hours a day during the cycling season - from March 1 to November 1.
We suggest using bicycles not to exceed the maximum statutory rental time - 12 hours and thus avoid an additional fee

8. How many bicycles can I rent at the same time?
You can rent up to 4 bikes provided you have sufficient funds on your account in the system:
- 1 bike - 10 PLN
- 2 bikes - 20 PLN
- 3 bikes - 30 PLN
- 4 bikes - 40 PLN

9. How much does it cost to rent a SWRM Bike?

One-time, non-returnable initial payment - PLN 19
From 0 to 20 minutes - PLN 0
From 20 to 60 minutes * - PLN 0.5
From 61 to 120 minutes * - 1 PLN 
From 120 to 180 minutes * - 2 PLN
Each next hour * - 3 PLN 

* Charging is minute.
* Fees for individual time slots are summed up, eg for a 90-minute rental, the Customer will pay 0,5 PLN + 3.00 PLN = 3.50 PLN

8. What is the maximum time to rent a bike?
The maximum time for renting a bike is 12 hours * exceeding this means imposing an additional fee of - 200 PLN

9. What is the cost of replacing the bicycle in the event of damage or loss?
The cost of replacing the bicycle is PLN 2,000.
fees for removing the unlawful bicycle lock - PLN 200


10. How can I top up my account?
You can top-up your account via instant online payments (transfers, BLIK payment and credit cards) after logging in to your user account or in a mobile application
Log in to your account on the system or to the mobile application and click on the Top-up option.
Select the top-up amount. The system will automatically redirect you to the system, where you can choose from many types of payments including credit cards. After the transaction has been completed and the account has been topped up, the system will take you back to your account. Check if the balance matches the top-up amount

11. How can I rent a bicycle?
You can do it with three methods - using the keyboard in the station, mobile application or SWRM user card
Remember, however, about registering in advance.
You can do it on the website, in the mobile application or in the headquarters of the KM

Rental using the keyboard in the station:
- go to the terminal (the screen is switched off by default to save energy)
- touch the green ENTER button on the keyboard to turn on the screen
- select language and click ENTER
- enter the phone number with the prefix 48 xxx xxx xxx (the prefix number 48 is very important if you do not enter it, the system will not recognize your number)
- enter the PIN
- enter the number of the selected bike - ex. 011111
- you will hear a voice command and the screen will show the number of the slot and the code for coded fastening which you can use in case of overflow
- download the selected bike from the rack by pushing it slightly forward, then pull it backwards. The electric lock should release the bike

Important: It is not necessary to use force when removing the bicycle from the stand. All you need to do is push the bike slightly forward and then pull back slightly. Electric lock will release your bike

Using the mobile application:
- download the SWRM app from Google Play or the App Store
- at login, enter your telephone number with the prefix 48 xxx xxx xxx and PIN
- select the RENT BIKE tab
- select the station you are currently in
- choose the bike number
- wait a few seconds for the server to communicate with the station
- on the screen will appear information from which rack you can download the bike and you will hear a voice message
- download the selected bike from the rack by pushing it slightly forward, then pull it backwards

Use the SWRM user card:
- approach the SWRM terminal
- press the green ENTER button to wake the station from sleep mode
- apply the card to the reader
- if you read the card correctly, you will hear a beep
- enter the bike number
- download a bike from the selected position

12. How can I return a bicycle to the station?

You can make a return in two ways:

a) By placing the bike in a free stand
- choose a free bicycle stand, insert the docking bracket into the lock and push it forward until you hear a characteristic lock click
- wait for 5 seconds to read the bicycle ID in the castle
- pull the bicycle towards you to check if it has been properly closed
- you will hear a message - Thank you for returning the bike
- you can check on the display in the terminal that the rectangle corresponding to your bike has turned green if yes - the return has been correctly accepted
IMPORTANT: You do not need to do anything - the system will detect the bike's return and settle it

b) Return by code lock when the station is full
- approach the selected station with rented bicycle and press the green ENTER key
- log in to the system and enter your phone number and PIN
- pay attention to messages appearing on the station terminal
- the following message will appear on the screen: Do you want to rent a bike? Click the red RETURN button
- using the arrows on the keyboard - digits 4 and 6, select the rack number to which you attach the returned bicycle
- enter the number of the bike you want to return and click the ENTER button
- you can now use the code lock to fasten the returned bicycle to another bike
- the bike to which you attach the returned bicycle will receive a serviced status in the system

13. I approach the station. There is nothing visible on the terminal screen. Does the station work?
Due to the power saving option enabled, all terminals have screens turned off by default. Just touch the green ENTER button to trigger the station. After 3 seconds, the main menu appears on the screen. You can start the loan process

14. How to check which bikes are available in the selected station?
After activating the station screen, you can see colorful rectangles in the lower part:
- green - the bike is ready to be borrowed
- blue - the bike has been reserved by another user
- red - no bike in the station or is not available
- black - the bike is serviced - it is unavailable to the user

15. What to do when the bike does not want to unhook from the chosen handle during the rental?
Use another bike available in the station. Please contact our hotline as soon as possible or report the failure via the mobile application

16. Where can I return the bike?
You can return the bike at any station operating in the SWRM System. To find the closest one use the mobile application and select the option - Find Station / Map or on the website

17. What to do when the bike is not suitable for driving?
If you notice that the bike is damaged in any way (no air, broken or loose chain, damaged lighting, no plastic tip at the end of the docking handle or any other defect), please contact our Hotline or report a malfunction in the mobile application

18. What if, despite entering the correct passage of the borrowing procedure in the station terminal, the message "no bike selected in the stand" is displayed?
Check if the bike you have chosen is already reserved by someone else
Contact the helpline and let us know. If a different bike is available in the station - try to rent it

19. Another user rents a bicycle using the keyboard in the station. Can I rent a bike during this time using the mobile application?
The user renting the bike using the keyboard in the station is superior to the mobile application. Wait for the rental process to end. If not, the system will automatically set your rental in the queue, and your bike will be rented after the previous operation. The station may not be available until the end of the rental by the user using the keyboard

20. During the ride something happened to my bicycle. What to do?
Take him to the nearest station and inform him about his malfunction. You can also report a failure via the mobile application

21. I do not want to use the SWRM system anymore. What do I need to do to delete an account?
Write us an e-mail to providing full personal details, account number (unused funds will be returned) and a declaration of willingness to delete your account

All additional information can be obtained by contacting our hotline +48 94 712 88 88

We wish you a pleasant and safe use of SWRM bikes