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Szczecinek City Bike - frequently asked questions

1. Who should I contact for help?
In case of any questions or problems related to the Szczecinek City Bike, please contact our hotline at +48 94 712 88 88 between Mon - Fri 7.00 - 21.30 and Sat - Sun 12.00 - 21.30

2. What to do to be able to ride the Szczecinek City Bike?
- register via the Szczecinecki Rower Miejski mobile application available on Google Play and the App Store or at or
- check your e-mail and click on the activation link received in the message
- top up your account in the application or on the website with the amount of at least PLN 19. If you want to ride the bike longer without worrying that you will run out of funds for the next rental, top it up with the amount of PLN 20-30
- the minimum amount needed to rent a bike after the first top-up is PLN 1 gross (this means that in order to ride more than one bike, the balance of your account at the time of rental must be greater than PLN 1, e.g. PLN 5)
- go to the nearest station, choose a bike, open the application and scan the QR code on the handlebar or on the back of the bike

3. How to rent a bike?
You can rent a bike using the Szczecinecki Rower mobile application or by logging in with your data in the station terminal using the touch screen (by default, the station is dormant. Touch the touch screen to wake it up)
- download the Szczecinecki Rower Miejski application from Google Play or the App Store
- when logging in, enter your phone number with the prefix 48 xxx xxx xxx and PIN
- scan the QR code located on the mudguard at the back of the bike
- wait a few seconds for the station to communicate with the server (usually it takes from 10 to 20 seconds)
- the electric lock in the station will be released, and you will hear a characteristic click of the electric lock and a sound signal. A message will also appear on the station screen
- download the selected bike from the stand and enjoy riding the Pińczów City Bike

IMPORTANT: If you want to stop for a moment without having to return the bike to the station (when you want to enter a shop or restaurant), use the code lock available on every bike. The code for the combination lock appears on the station screen with each rental or in the mobile application. The parking time will be included in the rental time.


4. How to return a bike?
- Put the bike in the selected position at any station of the Szczecinek City Bike by inserting the bike's docking handle into the electric lock. The system will automatically recognize the return of the bike and a message will appear on the screen
  - When the station is full, use the combination lock, lock the bike to another bike in the station and return it using the mobile application or the touchscreen in the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen

IMPORTANT: Szczecinek Rower Miejski operates within the administrative borders of the City of Szczecinek. Returning the bike outside the station or the area of operation of the System results in an additional fee of PLN 200

5. What is the maximum time of bike rental?
The maximum time of renting a bike is 12 hours, exceeding it means imposing an additional fee of PLN 200

We wish you pleasant and safe use of the Szczecinek City Bike